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Content Delivery

When users login, they are presented with content from all groups which they belong to in newest item first form. They only see information relevant to their memberships so information overload is avoided.


Content Creation

If you can use Facebook or MySpace, you can add content to Vcots. All content is added through simple, straightforward forms. To create an article, for example, the user would click the Article link in the Share menu (see at left).

The link leads to a form like the illustration to the right. An image can be easily added to the article by clicking the Select Image button and choosing the desired image file from the user's computer. The image will be uploaded and automatically sized for use in the article summary and full size article.

The article content is created in a "what you see is what you get" style - when you highlight a piece of text and hit the Bold icon (just like in any word processor) it becomes bold in the editing window.


Content Sharing

If an article for one team or group has value for your team, admins can promote it so it appears to their team. It gets added to the flow of information based on the date it was added.


Content Options

Users can create the following types of content:

  • Photos - added to existing albums or create a new album
  • Events - single day or multi-day events
  • Discussions - a threaded discussion where all team members can participate
  • Documents - downloadable files for training or to be printed and filled out
  • Comments - team members can comment on any item that is "owned" by their team

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